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Ontario Cohabitation Agreement Cost

Fast, simple and affordable cohabitation agreements for partners living together.

cohabitation agreement cost

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We understand that your situation and requirements may not neatly fit in any one of the listed plans below and that is perfectly fine. We are happy to discuss your situation over the phone or by email.

We can also provide you with a customized quote for Ontario cohabitation agreement over email within one business day. Please complete and return our confidential questionnaire.

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Independent Legal Advice is required and provided for all cohabitation agreements. Fees apply.

Basic Agreement

$1500 +hst

Popular for partners looking for no division of assets or support provisions with minimal assets listed.

  • Estimated Length: 10 pages

  • Background Section

  • Waivers of Spousal Support

  • Waivers of Property Division

  • Standard General Terms

  • Electronic Signing

  • Delivery in 5 Days or Less

Intermediate Agreement

$2000 +hst

Provides a plan to handle property and support matters with a schedules of Assets, including accounts and real-properties.

  • Estimated Length: 18+ pages

  • Background Section

  • Property Rights

  • Spousal Support Terms

  • Family Home Division

  • Electronic Signing

  • Delivery in 7 Days or Less

Global Agreement


Popular for partners outlining property and support arrangements, including the matrimonial home.

  • Estimated Length: 25+ pages

  • Background Section

  • Spousal Support Terms

  • Spousal Support Waiver

  • Family Home Division/Protection

  • Protection of other properties

  • Plan for Bank Accounts/RRSPs/Stocks

  • Debt Allocation and Division

  • Dispute Resolution Clauses

  • Electronic Signing

  • Delivery in 7 days or less

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