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Basic Prenup

$1500 +hst

Popular for partners looking for a simple marriage contract with minimal assets listed for protection.

  • Estimated Length: 10 pages

  • Background Section

  • Waivers of Spousal Support

  • Waivers of Property Division

  • Standard General Terms

  • Electronic Signing

  • Delivery in 5 Days or Less

Benefits of using our prenuptial agreement drafting services in Ontario.

Our precisely crafted marriage contracts are drafted by top rated and experienced family lawyers in Ontario.

  • Our prenuptial agreements are drafted by experienced family lawyers.

  • We draft prenuptial agreeements to meet your particular situation.

  • Completed for your review in at little as 5 business days.

  • One round of edits and revisions are included in our initial quote

  • Our revolutionary services provide you with an instant online quote for drafting.

  • Using the latest online technology for review and signing from the comfort of your home.

  • Option to receive independent legal advice and sign with our lawyer.

  • Guidance and support for any future disputes with the terms.

Other services

  • Many online services operate illegally without experience and knowledge of family law.

  • Online services use “template” agreements that are missing vital components.

  • Many firms may take months to complete initial draft and disclosure.

  • Other firms may charge additional fees for edits to the initial draft.

  • Most firms charge fees on an hourly basis without providing a reliable fee quote.

  • Many firms only offer in-person signing causing delays and inconvenience.

  • Many online marriage contract services leave you confused with questions.

  • Many law firms often take days to respond to your messages.

Have questions about drafting a prenuptial agreement in Ontario?

We are always here to answer your important questions. Contact us using our online form and we will get in touch within 24 hours.

The smart and efficient road to finalizing your Prenuptial Agreement in Ontario.

We have thoughtfully created a process that allows you to provide important information required through our customized questionnaires . You can have your prenuptial agreement or marriage contract drafted by experienced lawyers based on your terms. Receive Independent legal advice for each party to ensure that the terms are clear to each party.

Savings Money

Only pay for what you require in your prenuptial agreement

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Drafted and delivered in as little as 5 days from start

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You may need some, or all of these clauses in your prenup (marriage contract). You only pay for what you need at our firm.

Financial disclosure for prenuptial agreement in Ontario.

Financial disclosure is also a vital part of the Ontario marriage contract signing process. As part of their disclosure, each party completes a sworn financial statement. All financial information is listed, including the assets and debts of each party at present and at the date of marriage. Providing full financial disclosure ensures that each party has complete knowledge and understanding of the other’s financial situation before signing the marriage contract. Financial disclosure can also be completed in the form of a schedule of assets and debts that is attached to the marriage contract.

Legal advice on prenuptial agreement in Ontario.

With regards to independent legal advice on an Ontario marriage contract, it is crucial that both parties seek and receive legal advice from an Ontario family lawyer. This is a one-time session with a lawyer to review the agreement, ask and have answered important questions, and have a good understanding of the terms in the prenuptial agreement. At the end of the session, if both yourself and the lawyer are satisfied, the lawyer will witness your signature and attach a certificate of independent legal advice. Proceeding in this manner ensures that each signing party understands their rights and obligations.

Remote signing.

Our family law firm has carefully crafted a simple and easy process to complete the drafting, editing and final signing of your Ontario prenup. Once both parties to the agreement approve the final version, we use video conferencing to witness your signature and you can sign the prenuptial agreement electronically via Docusign. We offer legal advice over phone and video. Our lawyers are flexible with dates and timings in order to complete the signing process.

Future amendments.

Our family lawyers understand that changes to the marriage contract or prenup may be necessary in the future. There can be many reasons that a married couple decide to change some, or al of the terms in their signed contract. Once both parties to the contract agree on the changes, our family lawyers can draft an amended contract that outlines the changes. Our lawyers are easy to reach, 24/7 online via email and we do our best to return your message within 24 hours.

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