Do You Need to Notarize a Separation Agreement in Ontario?

Is Notarization Required for a Separation Agreement in Ontario?

Notarization is not a mandatory requirement.

In Ontario, Canada, notarization is not a mandatory requirement for a Separation Agreement in Ontario to be legally binding. The primary legal requirement for a Separation Agreement in Ontario to be enforceable is that it must be in writing, signed by both parties, and both parties must have provided full financial disclosure. However, while notarization is not required, it can offer some additional benefits which will be discussed below.

Situations Where Notarization May Be Beneficial

Notarization can be particularly beneficial in situations where there might be future disputes about the authenticity of the signatures or the agreement itself. Notarizing a document means that a notary public has verified the identities of the individuals signing the document and has witnessed the signatures. This can add an extra layer of protection and credibility to the agreement, making it harder for one party to later claim that the agreement was signed under duress or that the signatures are not genuine.

Notarization vs. Witnessing

Witnessing simply means that another person, who is not a party to the agreement, observes the signing of the document and can attest to the fact that both parties signed it.

Notarization, on the other hand, involves a notary public, who is a government-authorized official. The notary public verifies the identities of the parties signing the document and ensures that they are signing voluntarily.

How to Get a Separation Agreement in Ontario Notarized

Steps to Take for Notarization

To get a Separation Agreement in Ontario notarized, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Document: Ensure that the Separation Agreement in Ontario is complete, with all terms and conditions clearly outlined.
  2. Schedule an Appointment: Contact a notary public to schedule an appointment. Make sure to inform them that you need a Separation Agreement in Ontario notarized.
  3. Bring Identification: Both parties should bring valid government-issued identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) to verify their identities.
  4. Sign in the Presence of the Notary: Do not sign the document beforehand. Both parties must sign the Separation Agreement in Ontario in the presence of the notary public.
  5. Notary’s Attestation: The notary public will verify your identities, witness the signing, and then add their seal and signature to the document, attesting to its authenticity.

Finding a Notary Public in Ontario

Notary publics can be found in various places throughout Ontario. Here are some options:

  1. Law Offices: Many lawyers are also notaries and can notarize documents.
  2. Notary Services: There are specialized notary services that solely focus on notarizing documents.
  3. Online Directories: Websites such as the Notaries Society of Ontario provide directories of notaries public.
  4. Local Government Offices: Some government offices offer notary services or can refer you to a notary public.

Costs Associated with Notarization

Generally, the fees for notarization in Ontario range from $25 to $50 for a single document. It’s advisable to contact the notary public beforehand to get a clear understanding of the fees involved and any additional costs that might apply. Some law firms may offer package deals if you require additional legal services alongside notarization.

Alternatives to Notarization in Ontario

Witnessing by Independent Parties

One alternative to notarization is having the Separation Agreement in Ontario witnessed by independent parties. This involves having one or more individuals, who are not parties to the agreement, observe the signing of the document and then sign as witnesses. These witnesses can later attest to the fact that both parties willingly signed the agreement. While this does not provide the same level of verification as notarization.

Legal Advice and Lawyer Involvement

Another important alternative to notarization is involving legal professionals in the creation and signing of the Separation Agreement in Ontario. The involvement of legal professionals adds significant weight to the agreement’s validity and can help protect the interests of both parties.

Court Approval for Added Validity

In some cases, parties may choose to seek court approval for their Separation Agreement in Ontario. While this process is more formal and may involve additional steps, having the agreement approved by a court can provide the highest level of legal validity and enforceability.


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